Germany Camp ( Summer Sails) 2014

Dear parent.

Please find the details below for the above Camp.

Date of camp 9th -16th August 2014.

Pick up points .

138 Squadron and Leicester Forest East Services M1 Southbound.


03-00 Hours at 138 Squadron.

04-00 -04-15  Hours at Leicester Forest East Services.

Port  of   Departure.

Dover P & O Ferries 10-15. ( 09-08-14)

Calais P & O Ferries 16-05. (16-08-14)


1 x Passport.

1 x EHIC Card

1 x 3822 Passbook complete with photograph.

1 x TG 21 form (for those who have turned 18 years of age  before the camp).


If your son or daughter has changed or has received new medication since you returned the Consent and Health Form can you ensure we are made aware of it and provide a new TG21 form?


Please ensure that all medication  is provided for camp and that any liquid is fully secured  in the bottles’.

Location and Accommodation

Staff and cadets will be housed in barrack blocks in Normandy Barrack Sennerlager , which is part of the German town of Paderborn. Normandy barracks is home to HQ 20 Armoured Brigade. ( Tanks and that sort of thing) . The base is used by other NATO forces, so cadets may see armoured vehicle out and about on the ranges.


All purchases are made in Euro’s so cadets should exchange £sterling before the camp, the amount taken is dependent on what the individual wants to spend. All food and activities  are paid for .Money may be needed for   Souvenirs and any comforts such as confectionary and drinks.


Cadets are to be vigilant at all times with any personal electronic items, including phones, Ipads etc and if not required not to bring them. Passports and Health cards will be kept securely by the staff until off the ferry at Dover. A padlock is required for individual’s lockers.


Four members of staff will be travelling with the cadets and on camp we will have a further four service personnel in Germany.


See Annex A.

It is planned to have two parent meetings, one at 138 and the other in Leicester, the Nottingham one will be on Wednesday 30th July at 19-30. The Leicester meeting is to be at 1461 Wigston Squadron on 5th August 19-30 hours.

Should  you have any questions   please do not hesitate in contacting me .

Fred Harrison

Flt Lt RAF VR (T)

OC 138


15July 2014





 Kit list Germany Camp.

1 x Sleeping Bag

Lot Night wear

3  x Towels

1 x  DPMs  ( Greens/Combats) NO WEBBING

1 x Bush Hat

1 x Boots and polish

1 x Beret

Socks and underwear

1 x Set of Mess Tins

1 x  Knife  ,Fork ,Spoon

1 x Mug

1 x Washing Kit.

1 x Sun Blocker/Sun Glasses

1 x Bathing costume /Shorts

2 x Pairs Training Shoes ( One set for water sports as they will get wet)

2 x Casual trousers/Casual shirts and or tops not too garish

2 x sports shorts  and sports tops

1 x Padlock

1 x Day Sack

Lot casual clothing for traveling

1 x Suitcase only ,no rucksacks

Lot Medication

PASSPORT-EHIC  CARD-MONEY-CAMERA-PHONE AND CHARGER ( different sockets)£6.00 for camp


All parental letters have now been sent out,if you have not received one, the above is the letter

All cadets to have current WHTs signed in 3822 log book.